Our Vision

A farm that will develop into a self-sustaining ecosystem, requiring little to no input and management. The whole farm is considered to fucntion as a living ecosystem, of which we are an integral part.

Our Philosophy

We are custodians and respect the inheritance that was left to us. Msonge organic believes that sustainability begins at home, we respect all life and exhibit instinctual behaviour and manage rather than control. We believe that welfare profit is of greater value than economic profit.


We offer a wide range of products that are fresh, organic and picked when they are ripe and have the highest nutritional value. Our Chikens and cows are raised 100% organically and receive no non-organic herbicides and pesticides.

Msonge organic farm food products

We utilize our seasonal productivity as a marketing bonus. It provides a real story for our customers as they ask for the name and how to prepare or eat any new additions in their Pakacha (Basket delivery)

  • Naturally raised cows and chicken.
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Coconut Milk and Peanut butter.

PAKACHA Delivery App

Pakacha is a delivery service provided by Msonge Organic Family Farm. We deliver only seasonally available fruits and vegetables, thus Pakacha varies depending on what's available. Download and keep an eye on the Pakacha App for what is available.

Pakacha makes delivery on Monday and Thursday. On Monday we deliver to homes and businesses on the East Coast while on Thursday we deliver on both the East and West Coasts.

Farm -To- Table

An event where food and products made and grown on the farm is served. Includes chicken and eggs, with locally caught fish to grace the menu. Seasonal fruits juice, mint flavoured water and coconut water are some of bevarages served.

  • Guests are seated on the traditional majamvi (Swahili straw mats) around wooden tables.
  • Enjoy the farm scenery, rustic decor, and the living ecosystem around the farm.